Travel Security

Ways to Ensure your Data is Safe During Summer Travels

Summer is here and just because you are away from your secure home network, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal security just to connect to the internet. Traveling may make you feel vulnerable to utilizing free WiFi at hotels or restaurants without any type of protection. Stay tuned to go over several ways you can still use that free WiFi and stay secured in the process.

**Disable Bluetooth **

Whenever you are not using your Bluetooth device, it is always a best practice to disable it. Not only does it help with saving your battery life, but it limits an avenue of potential attack an attacker could have on your devices.

Passwords and Pins on Everything

Whatever devices you decide to take with you on your travels, ensure that everything is password or pin protected. It is also a great idea to change all those pins/passwords again once you return home to ensure your credential hashes were not captured on your travels.

Password Protected WiFi

If at all possible, request a password-protected WiFi option (even if it is a public password.) as this further limits the scope of who could potentially have access to the same network you are on. Open WiFi networks usually are littered with malicious attackers that are continually scanning and scaping the activity, searching for anything they can exploit.

Monitor Accounts

It might be a good idea to have a service in place to monitor all your accounts (or you can do it manually as well). This is a best practice in general to prevent any fraudulent activity. Inquire with your banking institutions or credit card companies about what methods they have in place for monitoring and alerting on your account as well. At the end of the day, at least you can have the peace of mind knowing you have another set of eyes helping you detect fraudulent activity.

Utilize a VPN

Using a VPN is highly recommended when using public internet on your travels. Whether it be on a laptop or mobile device, it is essential to your personal security to anonymize your traffic at all times.

Bring Your Own Network

By purchasing your own mobile hotspot plan, you can fully control the security of the network you connect to. Ensure you have a strong password set to access it and only give it out to those people that you trust. It may even be worth looking into how you can integrate your hotspot service into your vehicle to ensure seamless connectivity.

Limit Social Media

To really limit the attention and exposure on yourself, you will want to limit how much information you put out on social media about your vacation. It is advised that you wait until you get back from your trip to post pictures and updates. This way, you are not advertising to the world that you are physically away from your home and network.