4 considerations when choosing a VPN and why server quantity doesn't need to be one of them

With a such a broad array of VPN companies to choose from, it's vital to concentrate on the cold, hard facts of what each actually provides, rather than be dazzled by "empty extras" that aren't actually enhancing your online privacy level or connection speed.

Think of the analogy of a cable T.V. or Netflix package. Sure, one might have 200 channels and the other one might have 400 movies and the option to watch on 4 screens, but if you only like sports, or simply want to watch from your singular mobile device, does it really make sense to subscribe to all these features if you don't need them?

Here are 4 considerations that are way more important than the number of servers that a VPN has:

Consideration 1: Start with the why

Always bear in mind WHY you want the VPN, and start from there. When it comes to servers, some are best for viewing online content, while others have database operation at the core of their purpose. Are you planning on using the VPN for business or pleasure? Let this be your guide, as you start with the why. RingVPN provide subscriptions for every purpose, to users wanting to view content, to those running databases and high-performance systems. We can help you to select the best RingVPN server for your needs, and we even offer real human support 24/7 from our developers.

Consideration 2: Speed is key

500 servers that move at a snail's pace can never be better than 70 that are super-charged and speedy. Don't be fooled by companies that boast hundreds of servers, none of which you can connect to or many of which are overloaded.

Consideration 3: Location, location, location

Do you really need a server based in Timbuktu? Or, would having 20 servers based in Europe and the United States be much better for what users want? We listen to what you ask for, and you asked for servers in a wide variety of locations, including in Asia, with the majority in Europe and North America. RingVPN are constantly adding new server locations with the international bandwidth needs of our users driving these new additions -- not just places on a map to be covered. Our data centers are selected according to location and performance, so that you always know RingVPN will be connecting servers to data centers that are well supported in our international network -- with the same quality promise and reliable speed, regardless of where they are.

Consideration 4: Performance takes center stage

Having a bunch of features is no good if a VPN company is unreliable, the features promised are full of problems and ultimately something simpler and older is more performance-orientated. With servers, specifically, we constantly optimise and tweak our servers so that performance is the best it can be. We find, in fact, that our "tried-and-true" servers can be as, if not more, high performance than newer ones. We ensure that all the parts connect correctly, so that you as the end user get the best experience from RingVPN -- quality servers, the fastest internet connection, and of course, no-lagging, with only the most stable connections. Our servers are equipped with excellent connectivity switches, without downgraded quality as the numbers progress. From server number one to server one hundred and 1, each of the RingVPN servers have extremely high gigabite- per-second uplinks to our own ISP. This gives you serious throughput and top-tier performance.


RingVPN is committed to giving you the best of performance and security, knowing well that the two are best pals for a reason. Quality beats quantity -- though we know we offer the best of both worlds. Don’t want to take our word for it? You don't have to. Try RingVPN for 30 days, risk-free, and if you don't love it we'll give your your money back. Can't say fairer than that.