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5 reasons why you should be making the most of the Refer a Friend reward program

Do you remember back in the day when the only way to get a Gmail account was by receiving an invitation from a friend?

Much like the way that Gmail became the cult-like, must-have Gmail account that made Hotmail cry its self to sleep at night (RIP), RingVPN is the hot new thing on the block. We have our own special "invitation program," but it's so much better than just an RSVP...we actually give you reasons to spread and share the RingVPN news!

Here are 5 reasons why you should be making the most of the RingVPN Refer a Friend program:

Reason 1 - It benefits you as well as your friend

As well as giving all users the highest level of online protection, 24/7 real human contact and support from our advisors, and some of the speediest, more secure servers in over 70 countries and counting, there's more...Every time you share the Refer a Friend link with a buddy and they sign up for a RingVPN subscription, we give you BOTH 30 free days of RingVPN to say thanks!

Reason 2 - It means you can experience RingVPN for free for up to 5 months

Ok this is crazy...we don't know of anyone else doing this, but our Refer a Friend reward program gives you a total of up to 5 rewards to claim. So, up to 5 of your buddies get 30 days for free, and you get up to 150 days for free, representing 30 days for each and every friend who signs up. Generosity to the max, the RingVPN way!

Reason 3 - Sharing is caring when its sharing privacy tips

Encouraging 5 friends to sign up and getting the rewards, means that you are helping your pals to experience the internet as we believe it should be -- private, free and full of extra security. Feel war, and fuzzy for doing a great thing to expand the importance of VPN use, and help keep your buddies safe online too. Even better, is that you know your friends are also using RingVPN when the Facebook you, send you emails and hit you up online. You can feel more secure knowing that they are also protected by the ultimate online private guardian.

Reason 4 - Who doesn’t love free?!

5 free months of RingVPN sounds pretty dope, doesn’t it? The best part is, whatever you currently have on your subscription when you claim your reward, gets extended, so you need never have a moment without RingVPN.

Reason 5 - Your buddies can also enjoy the same rewards

The RingVPN safety net can grow exponentially, as every one of your friends who signs up and claims their own reward link, can share it with friends in order to also claim their own maximum of 5 free months of RingVPN. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


If you haven't already signed up to RingVPN, you can do it now and immediately grab your Refer a Friend link so that you can start to spread the world and stack up your 30 day free rewards like a boss! What are you waiting for, player? Get clicking!