Encruption, military grade

What is end-to-end-encryption and why should I care?

Encryption is the fancy name for the encoding that happens to data so that only the person who is meant to see it, can decode it and see it. Encryption software is the clever stuff that turns your message into internet gibberish called ciphertext. If someone who isn’t the intended recipient manages to intercept the message, they won't be able to decode it without the special key.

What are the kinds of encryption?

There are 3 main types of encryption:

1) Symmetric encryption

This is when there is a private encryption key, with two “sets” of the key — one for the sender, and one for the receiver of the message. Because the key has to be shared between the two parties, this poses a security threat if the message is sent through a non-secure tunnel. The key could be hijacked by an interceptor, and the message decoded with the key. RingVPN operates all of our servers under our super-secure tunnel, so no chance of any key thefts happening on our watch!

2) Asymmetric encryption

The next step up, is asymmetric encryption. This uses two keys instead of the one used by symmetric encryption. With two keys — one public and one private- the public key is the same for both sender and receiver, but each party has their own unique private key too.The message can only be accessed and decrypted by a person with both private and public keys. Even if someone manages to intercept, they won’t be able to decode the message with only a public key. But, if a hacker manages to intercept and swipe both keys (public and private), they will be able to decode the message.

3) End-to-end encryption

The big kahuna burger is end-to-end encryption (E2EE), the most secure form there is. RingVPN has one of the highest levels of encryption out there for a VPN.

End-to-end-encryption is what happens when your online messages (via Telegram, or another similar messaging service, for example) are protected across the network at both ends - when you send the message and when your buddy or loved one receives the message.

RingVPN uses military-grade encryption, which is impossible to crack. It utilizes a high-grade 256-bit key, and has a total generated number of 2^256 possible combinations. There does not exist a supercomputer that can crack this kind of key without needing an infinite amount (close enough) amount of time to do so.

Why should I care about-end-to-end encryption?

You should care about it because it means that no intermediate servers can have the "key" to decode (read, intercept) your messages. Not your ISP, not a government snoop, no other third-party. Just the intended recipient.

This is especially important, because interceptions of unsecured messaging services through vulnerable servers are a cause of mega data breaches.


When you connect to the RingVPN proprietary, private “zero-knowledge” DNS server, not only do you get the benefit of our military grade, end-to-end encryption, but you also get the double-whammy of using a VPN with some of the biggest security chops out there. Our strict no log, no track policy covers you from A to Z, on any server of ours, anywhere in the world, and our encryption is as bad-ass as it gets.

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