DNS leak status: DNS queries secured

DNS leak status: DNS queries exposed


The administrators of your DNS servers have access to your browsing history.

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Your ISP may record your browsing habits, the applications you use, and so on.
To avoid DNS leaks, use RingVPN's DNS servers.

How to check that RingVPN protects against DNS server leaks

RingVPN protects you from DNS leaks. The DNS leak test on this page will give you a reliable result to validate your protection or vulnerability.

What is a DNS server leak ?

Your VPN may not protect your extension on all DNS queries. If your DNS leak test shows vulnerabilities, your ISP or DNS server operator may have access to your browsing history.‎

With some settings, despite being connected to a VPN, the operating system will continue to use its public DNS instead of the private RingVPN DNS. This is what we consider a DNS leak.‎

This is a major risk for your privacy, because the data is likely to circulate unencrypted.‎

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How does RingVPN protect you from DNS leaks ?

By implementing maximum security protocols: once your device is connected to RingVPN, it will only use RingVPN's proprietary DNS servers; all inbound and outbound traffic is encrypted.

  • No connection log
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Automatic protocol configuration
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How can a DNS leak affect you ?

When a DNS leak occurs, your traffic is no longer secure: your ISP and third parties are likely to have access to your DNS queries and see your browsing history, and thus gain access to:

  • Your browsing history
  • Your downloads
  • The applications you use

In addition, a DNS leak can make your actual location public, along with the name and location of your ISP.

Once they have obtained this information, malicious individuals can access your real IP address.

When using RingVPN, your device uses only the RingVPN network's DNS. You do not have to worry about DNS leaks, and your information is safe.

RingVPN is the most secure VPN on the market

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Protection against DNS leaks

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Maximum encryption

In addition to disguising your IP address, your traffic is completely encrypted, preventing any reading by your ISP or malware.

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Protection against WebRTC leaks

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