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Why you need Tor Over VPN

By coupling Tor and RingVPN, you ensure a 100% secure and anonymous Internet connection

Is it secure?

Thanks to Tor, you can browse Internet anonymously, but only if you know how to us it. However, if you use Tor AND RingVPN, you can be 100% sure you will be completely anonymous AND secure on the Internet. The browser Tor is a tool designed to make the user anonymous online. Tor is the acronym for "The Onion Router". It is a specialized browser that allows you to send the user's data via several anonymous servers. Thus, by using Tor and a VPN, the user becomes undetectable online!

TrustedServer security on every device

Whether you are on Windows, MacOs or Linux, there is a dedicated RingVPN application for the main operating systems, Android and iOS are also ready to protect your Traffic Mobile.

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