Private DNS network with no history

RingVPN uses its proprietary DNS on each of its servers. Subscribe to RingVPN

How does a DNS server work ?

All websites can be accessed by typing in the site's URL, for example: facebook.com.

However, a URL is only the translation of the website's IP address, for example: 43.194.30...

Your browser may remember a number of IP addresses, and government or third-party censorship may intercept a DNS request and redirect you to blocked or spoofed content.

RingVPN servers use their own private DNS system: when you are connected to RingVPN, your DNS activity has the same encryption protection as your browsing; no man-in-the-middle attack is possible.

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Use RingVPN now for a secure DNS network

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A private DNS with no history

RingVPN's DNS has no history. Your personal data and history are never recorded or stored on any of our servers.

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A 256-bit encrypted DNS

By using and running a proprietary DNS network, all traffic as well as DNS lookups are protected from malicious attacks and activities via our military-grade encryption.

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No DNS censorship

All of RingVPN's DNS queries are secure and protected from malicious threats, surveillance or censorship. Your latency is also faster and more reliable; DNS queries never leave the proprietary VPN.

Exclusive 256-bit encryption

256-bit Encrypted DNS

Secure your traffic with military-grade encryption technology

No activity or connection log

0 logs, 0 records: your freedom is priceless

No third parties

We will never share information about you with a third party.

What makes RingVPN different to the rest?

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Turbo-speed VPN for high-velocity streaming

Through our fully optimized proprietary network, RingVPN allows maximum throughput and unlimited bandwidth while guaranteeing your privacy.

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Highest levels of encryption

As well as disguising your IP address, we completely encrypt your internet traffic through our secret tunnel. No ISP, government, third-party or malware can spy on you with RingVPN!

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Support and assistance 24/7

We believe you deserve to speak to real humans 24/7. Our tech advisors are available via e-mail and live chat around the clock, offering you bespoke support.

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