Streaming Media VPN

Getting the Most Out of your Media Streaming Experience

An indirect benefit of utilizing a VPN service is increasing your media streaming experience on services like Hulu and Netflix. You may be thinking, "how can a VPN solution better my overall experience with watching TV shows?". Below we will review some of the high-level gains achieved by using a VPN service combined with the media streaming service of your choice.

Getting new content in streaming services based on location

Netflix and Hulu are made possible by licensing to air select movies for a period of time for movies or TV shows that they do not produce. These licensing agreements sometimes are limited to some areas of the planet (usually by country). For example, movies produced by Disney may be available on Netflix in the United States but not available on Netflix hosted in Russia. If you live in Russia, this is a bummer. By utilizing a VPN service, you can select your geolocation in which you want your traffic routed. So if you currently live in Russia and usee your VPN to route traffic through the United States, you will have a United States IP address during that session, thus giving you access to all the US content in Netflix including the Disney movies.

Prevent eavesdropping on public WiFi

In regards to privacy in public locations, if you ever want to stream media on a public WiFi like a coffee shop or a Hotel, you will need to enable your VPN to encrypt your communication traffic during your streaming session properly. Even if you still want your traffic routed through your local region, you can still take full advantage of being able to stream in private while in the public eye.

Get around local and regional restrictions

Another advantage of accessing streaming media content like Netflix is being able to do it while at work or school. Some institutions will automatically block sites like social media and streaming platforms as a broad-brush approach to implementing a security policy. Now, those blocks are in place for a reason, and I do not condone going against policy and breaking the rules, but sometimes there are exceptions to policies and it would be nice to watch a TV show at the end of a work shift or on the university WiFi. By utilizing a VPN service to obfuscate your IP address, you can inadvertently get around a restriction ban on a particular network that restricts internet usage by IP address. This same strategy can be applied at a larger scale as well if you have regional restrictions in place around access certain websites on the internet. It will start to become more challenging to do moving forward as some of these governing bodies are finding ways to detect usual VPN traffic and thus put restrictions around that activity as well.

To this day, the above mentioned are still benefits of using a VPN service to access content that wouldn't usually be available to your region and all to control your privacy around your streaming activities. If you are interested in giving some of these techniques a try, contact RingVPN and inquire around using their VPN service as an individual trying to control their privacy on the internet.