Enjoy military-grade encryption for your VPN tunnel

RingVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption technology, as adopted by intelligence agencies and security experts. To date, there is no known method for decrypting this formula. Subscribe to RingVPN

RingVPN uses a military-grade encryption process to protect your traffic and communication.

RingVPN guarantees an anonymous IP and shared traffic with other RingVPN users, but it is also an encryption solution for outbound traffic between RingVPN servers and your workstation.

Your traffic is anonymous to your ISP, or to your phone company in the case of mobile traffic.

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OpenVPN protocol (TCP and UDP)

The RingVPN solution offers a range of VPN protocols to access the network securely. Once RingVPN is launched, you can actively change the protocol or let the application choose the most suitable one for your browsing; it will use the most efficient parameters.‎

The open-source OpenVPN protocol uses certificates that can be likened to a digital identity card (just like those used by the https protocol). In order to protect the workstation against hacker attacks, each certificate is validated by precise specifications which are essential to ensure maximum security. RingVPN uses an RSA certificate which, at 4096 bits, is twice the required minimum RSA length.‎

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Secure servers using the best of encryption technology

HMAC authentication

Hash-Based Message Authentication Code is a method for calculating a message authentication code involving a hash function in combination with a secret key. This can be used to check a message's integrity and authenticity. The OpenVPN solution used by RingVPN employs HMAC.

Constantly renewed certificates

In addition to the secret key obtained during your initial connection to RingVPN, the system automatically generates a new key every hour. If a hacker wanted to get hold of your traffic history and managed to gain access, they would only be able to see your last hour of history.

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How do I install RingVPN so all of my devices can unlock the internet? ?

  1. Sign up to RingVPN

    Subscribe to RingVPN to get your own personalized account.

  2. Install the application

    Download then install the RingVPN app on the device of your choice. iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and even routers are all supported!

  3. Select the server location of your choice

    Connect to your chosen location to discover the world via the internet without restrictions, in complete anonymity.

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