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RingVPN's Stinger protocol based on Wireguard

By using Tor with a VPN, enjoy an extra layer of privacy. Indeed, RingVPN encryption hides your IP address and any activity that you will do via Tor. Connect to RingVPN, then to Tor, and be completely anonymous on the Internet!

Stay anonymous

Our Stinger protocol is the technology we built with the WireGuard VPN protocol. This technology accelerates your connection and download speed without compromising your online security. Thanks to this technology, all your data is encrypted: you are 100% anonymous and secure and you can enjoy unlimited, encrypted access to the internet!

How does it work?

WireGuard is an extremely simple but fast and modern VPN that allows data encryption to be 100% secure. It is simpler, faster, lighter and more useful than IPSec, and much more than OpenVPN. It is sort of his replacement. WireGuard is designed as a versatile VPN: it works on embedded interfaces and supercomputers, suitable for different cases. It is already considered to be the safest, easiest to use, and simplest VPN solution in the industry.

RingStinger on every device

Whether you are on Windows, MacOs or Linux, there is a dedicated RingVPN application for the main operating systems, Android and iOS are also ready to protect your Traffic Mobile.

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