Cyber Security

Activity to Avoid When Using a VPN

Having a VPN service in place can be a significant benefit to protect your personal information as well as your privacy better. But, there are some activities that you should avoid to ensure you never cross that legal boundary line and abuse the power that a VPN can provide. These activities fall into a gray area when it comes to the law, meaning that you may get away with the activity for a while, but severe legal allegations can come from abusing a VPN service.

Advertisement Fraud

In advertising, there are legitimate ways to make some good money by creating a website and generating traffic to your site. Usually, advertisement companies will pay you per unique like on one of there ads that are hosted on your website. By using a VPN service, you can exploit the advertising industry by continually changing your geo-location and create “unique” views or traffic to your site; This would be considered fraud, but it is hard to track as malicious actors can quickly spin up a new online profile and VPN service in minutes to cover their tracks. Advertising giants like Google will likely ban your account from using its ad service Adsense, but there is no telling what an advertising company could legally pursue if they have to desire to.

Copywrite Infringement

We all know that downloading copyrighted media content online is illegal. By even just storing these files on your system, you can be pursued legally at a set price per data stored. By using a VPN service, you can anonymize your IP to prevent the tracking of downloads back to your system. This is very risky as most times you will get away with it, but if you are caught, it is a federal crime in the United States, and they will surely come after you for a financial penalty.

Visiting Sites that Sell Illegal Items

By using a VPN, one of the main benefits is being able to obfuscate your identity when using the internet. Keep in mind that most VPN providers keep logs for troubleshooting purposes and will be the only point of reference for your actual searching activity. If for some reason a VPN provider is suspended for there logs, you could be a risk if the sites you have visited are illegal. If a website sells products or services that are illegal, DO NOT VISIT THEM, as depending on the situation you could be guilty by association at the federal level.

VPNs are great assets to protect your identity and help you keep peace of mind when utilizing the internet. It is your responsibility as the end-user to either accept or mitigate the level of risk you are willing to take in regards to the type of things you do when anonymizing yourself within a VPN service.