Add the RingVPN extension to your Chrome browser.


Secure your browsing with a VPN for Google Chrome.

Windows and Mac compatible. Install the RingVPN extension for your Chrome browser and connect from your computer to the RingVPN network of over 400 servers in 90 global locations. Whatever your location, enjoy an anonymous and secure connection, safe from attacks by hackers and administrations; have the VPN experience.

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Enjoy a totally secure system

Access all your favourite websites

In just a few clicks, configure the RingVPN application to launch automatically upon your system's start-up. Whatever your location, choose the country from which you want to be connected from among our servers, and access your favourite content without restrictions. The bandwidth is unlimited, you are free to change servers as much as you want and view the content you want..‎

Privacy in one click

Avoid government censorship, firewalls and company restrictions with RingVPN. Click Auto-Connect and browse completely anonymously.‎

Protect your IP address

Protect your IP address by blocking the Chrome WebRTC protocol..‎

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Be protected whatever your operating system

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Enjoy your favourite websites

Use RingVPN to access your content without limits: enjoy Facebook, Instagram, Skype and many other sites.

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Kill Switch emergency stop

If connection to our services is impossible or interrupted, RingVPN instantly stops all traffic from your machine; no unencrypted data flows.

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Enjoy your favourite websites

We do not collect any history or apply any restrictions to your traffic, so you are free to view or download the content you want.

How to install a VPN for Chrome

  1. Meld u aan bij RingVPN

    <a href=""> Abonneer u op RingVPN </a> om uw eigen gepersonaliseerde account te krijgen. <a href=""> Download en installeer de RingVPN-app </a> op het apparaat van je keuze. iOS, Android, Mac, Linux en zelfs routers worden allemaal ondersteund!

  2. Installeer de applicatie

    Maak verbinding met de door u gekozen locatie om de wereld zonder beperkingen en in volledige anonimiteit via internet te ontdekken. then open the Extensions tab in your Chrome browser and install RingVPN

  3. Meld u aan bij RingVPN

    Hulp nodig? Ons team staat klaar om u 24/7 te antwoorden. Wilt u zelf uw probleem aanpakken? Ons <a href=""> Helpcentrum </a> heeft oplossingen in overvloed!

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