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What is split tunneling?

Split Tunneling guarantees you a more efficient and secure navigation: part of the traffic of your devices crosses a VPN tunnel, while the other part of the traffic keeps direct access to the Internet.

Is it secure?

Poorly configured Split Tunneling can give unsafe navigation, which your ISP or hacker can access. Therefore, when you want to access sensitive data, it is recommended to use only connections protected by VPN.

How does split tunneling work in RingVPN?

With RingVPN, you choose which apps should go through the VPN, and which apps or websites should go through Split Tunneling. By default, when you activate the VPN, all your navigation goes through Split Tunneling. You can then define custom rules to decide whether or not traffic goes through Split Tunneling.

Split tunneling on every device

Whether you are on Windows, MacOs or Linux, there is a dedicated RingVPN application for the main operating systems, Android and iOS are also ready to protect your Traffic Mobile.

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