VPN Router

Benefits of Installing a VPN on your Router

Having a VPN service on your personal computer or in your browser is great for instant VPN anonymity when you need it. To truly get the most out of your VPN service, consider installing your VPN agent onto your routing device itself within your home or work environment.

By having your VPN installed directly on a routing device, you can ensure your VPN service is always enabled, and your network speeds will consistently remain the same. There is also the convenience of being able to seamlessly have a VPN enabled on all devices within that network without any manual login inputs needed. Traditionally, you would have to log in to each device or browser instance separately to enable your VPN service.

The most important factors to look for when determining a VPN service provider to use for router installation is online customer support and overall throughput speeds. These factors are essential for several reasons. From a speed perspective, you will want a provider that can sustain a low latency, fast network throughput while still performing the crucial functions of a VPN. This is important so that once you have flashed your router with your VPN agent, the overall routers speed output will not be drastically affected. Remember, once you flash it, you are stuck with this change unless you decide to flash it back. If you pick a VPN solution that is boggy and has a slow throughput, once applied to your router your overall internet speeds may suffer.

Secondly, customer support is enormous when implementing a VPN on your router. The process of flashing your router is not necessarily user-friendly and requires some technical knowledge of how the device operates from a hardware perspective as well as a software install. It is a great idea to consult with your prospective VPN provider before attempting to flash the VPN agent, this way you have some level of assistance or certainty that the flash will operate correctly and not brick your device.

At the end of the day, plan to spend some time upfront configuring your router to operate with the VPN always on effectively and it will save you time in the future from having to hassle with logins and installs. The benefit of ensuring you still have VPN connectivity enabled is one you will not regret. If you are curious on a specific VPN service that can provide both speed and professional support, look into RingVPN. RingVPN has established themselves in the industry and put their customer's service above all else. Contact them today to ask about how they can help you enable a network-wide, always enabled VPN experience.