VPN Utilization

When Should I Use a VPN?

The concept of utilizing a VPN may seem confusing to most users, or it may be something that is just used when you are trying to connect to your work network. There are many reasons to use a VPN actively, but there are also many reasons not to use a VPN as well that include things like convenience, performance, and effectiveness. Let's review some of the top reasons to utilize a good VPN Service like RingVPN and at what frequency.

ISP control/speeds Your internet service provider will occasionally throttle your bandwidth to manage better the overall health of the WAN network you are on. In their eyes, they can slightly limit your performance to onboard new customers until they reach a certain load capacity to spin up a new WAN circuit. The above is not the best customer practice as you pay good money for these high speeds, This is a great reason to use a VPN service like RingVPN and leave it on at all times. By leaving your VPN service on, you will be bypassing any ISP throttling limits they may have in place. Also, if you still notice slowness in your network connection, you can choose a different VPN routing location to increase your speeds if needed potentially.

Saving Money Are you someone that is big into couponing or getting the best deal before you buy something? Well, you know those annoying advertisements that roll across your screen, providing you with 20-30% off select items? Those ads are all location-based ads, and the sales vary by time and the location that you are connecting from. By leaving your VPN on when book a flight or hotel, for example, you are hiding any geo-location information from these websites, thus allowing you to change to a different location where the deals might be advertised at a lower price.

Privacy and security Security best practices for online browsing are one of the most under-spoken topics of the century. You should always leave your VPN on when performing the following actions online: Banking/money transactions Shopping online Applying personal information into a website Using public or untrusted guest internet Sending sensitive email of files Access confidential information or storage online Researching personal health topics Leaving a VPN enabled is the only way to prevent the above actions from being intercepted by wandering and unwanted eyes.

GeoBlocking Many online services that you pay for like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon will try to target content per your region or location, by doing this they also throttling or limit the full potential of content you could be receiving without your consent (the providers are essentially making a choice for you of what they think you would want to watch). By merely leaving your VPN enabled, you can remove those geo-location blocks and instantly have access to all the available public content these services have to offer.

Using a VPN service like RingVPN will significantly improve your overall online experience. Whether it be increasing your security presence or saving you money on services, RingVPN has a core background of supporting staff available to help you get the most bang for your buck and keep the decision making in your control when it pertains to the security of your assets and information.