Locating VPN Servers from RingVPN

AMERICA UDP? TCP? LT2P? Kill Switch?
ASIA UDP? TCP? LT2P? Kill Switch?
OCEANIA UDP? TCP? LT2P? Kill Switch?
EUROPE UDP? TCP? LT2P? Kill Switch?
AFRICA UDP? TCP? LT2P? Kill Switch?

Check your IP address and connection speed

Check your IP address

Verify that you are connected to a VPN server with our IP address verification tools.

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Test the speed of your internet connection

This independent speed test tells you the speed of your VPN connection.

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Use RingVPN on all your devices

Whether you are on Windows, MacOS or Linux, there is an application called RingVPN dedicated for the main operating systems. Android and iOS are also ready to protect your mobile traffic.


Enjoy optimized throughput with the Auto-Connect RingVPN feature

Our algorithm automatically chooses the best VPN location for you to benefit from optimal traffic.

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