The RingVPN desktop client is equipped with a special feature called a Kill Switch.

It's both a tool and a method to stop unprotected internet access by, for example, any type of access or traffic that doesn't go through RingVPN.

Each of the RingVPN client versions is equipped with our Kill Switch, and they all operate to effectively disable system-wide internet access that isn't through RingVPN.

For example, if the RingVPN connection disconnects suddenly for some reason, enabling Kill Switch means that any applications that were open or active prior to disconnection will be prevented from sending unprotected traffic to the internet. The apps won't be terminated, but the unprotected traffic will be blocked. Neat, huh?

You can easily activate Kill Switch in your RingVPN desktop client at: References > Enable Killswitch to enjoy the benefits of this awesome tool and technique.

We are all about the simple things that enhance your experience of RingVPN. This is why we have a number of servers, available via RingVPN, for you to connect to. If, for example, you want to stream video content from the United States and you are in another location, then it would be best to connect to a United States server.

If, on the other hand, you don't have a particular geo-location need, then you can let RingVPN automatically connect to the best and fastest server for you. This function is called "Auto Connect" and you can enable the button within your RingVPN client or app.

RingVPN takes privacy seriously, in every capacity. This is why our team of developers are constantly pushing the envelope to bring you the latest and most secure additions in online privacy and security features and implementations.

With this in mind, we have implemented CyberSec in our desktop and mobile apps and extensions. It's an advanced privacy technology solution that automatically blocks potentially harmful or malicious websites. By blocking them in this way, CyberSec ensures, along with RingVPN, that no online threats can infiltrate or infect your device.

Even better -- for haters of pop-ups and other annoying intrusions -- is that CyberSec automatically blocks pop-ups, annoying auto-play ads, and other invasive and irritating advertising materials. As soon as you enter a website, CyberSec prevents them from loading -- you'll never see them, and your experience of websites will be smoother and cleaner as a result!


At RingVPN, we feel very strongly about security and privacy -- that's why we never, ever store your logs. We have a strict, total no-log policy with online activity. We will only ever collect information that you give to us, with your permission, and to help you if you need troubleshooting, technical or customer support when using RingVPN.

We never log any of your online activity. We only keep you e-mail address (which is what you use to connect to RingVPN and to receive marketing and technical guidance), or billing information for payment and refunding purposes only.

You can see our Privacy Policy here for full and transparent details: https://ringvpn.com/en/privacy-policy.

RingVPN is based in and operates under the laws of the jurisdiction of Saint Kitts & Nevis. There exists no mandatory data retention law in Saint Kitts & Nevis. This means that we are under no legal obligation to store any logs. As we are a VPN provider and the security and privacy of our subscribers is our main motivation, this is perfect -- we don't log anything and we don't have to, instead preferring to keep you anonymous and safe -- always.

We have an affiliate program and we would LOVE you to join! You can see our affiliation proposal and sign up here: https://ringvpn.com/en/affiliate