How a Hacker would use a VPN service

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) provide a lot of personal and professional benefits to us everyday users, but let's take a step into the world of a malicious hacker to discuss some of the ways a hacker can use a VPN service to mischievously hone their craft.

Free Open Source = Undetected

Most hackers would undoubtedly use a free public open source VPN service, this way there are no financial trails leading back to their mischievous endeavors. But this doesn't mean that hackers would never pay for a professionally built VPN service, more likely than not, they would use a fake alias to create a legit user account using stolen information to acquire the VPN service. Whichever direction the bad actors choose, ether will keep them disguised when performing the illegal online activity.

Trick Advertisements into paying up

There are many advertising companies out on the internet that will pay you per click on any of there advertisements, the big problem is that when using a geo-location feature on a VPN service, you are able to change where you are clicking the ads from. This usually is the sole way these advertisement companies can determine unique clicks. It is a common practice for hackers to continuously change their geo-location and continuously target low-grade advertisement firms to cash in on this vulnerability. The advertisement companies have made efforts to tie in more metrics to detect fraud like frequency of click to help minimize the loss due to unwanted clocks.

Prevent attacking back

As a hacker, you want to remain as anonymous as possible to avoid criminal charges, by using a serious of VPN and anonymity services, bad actors are able to limit the amount of identifying the information they provide to the public eye. This includes things like IP address, MAC address, geo-location, and any account-related information (which can all be spoofed anyway). By obfuscating this info, this prevents the authorities or even other hackers from retaliating and ether tracking or attacking back.

Anonymous intelligence-gathering

To be a successful hacker, you need to be able to secretly gather information about a company or end-user to possibly exploit them. If it is known that you are onto a vulnerability that this end-user is affected by, they will react by either fixing the problem or coming after the hacker legally. Hacker will use a VPN service to mask website scraping reconnaissance activities in order to successfully gather enough information about a company undetected to further develop out the next zero-day exploit.

At the end of the day, even Hackers benefit from using a VPN service to help coordinate there day to day activities. As a disclaimer, we do not condone any of the activities described above, these are simply used as a proof of concept to describe out the power that a VPN service like RingVPN can offer its end-users for any personal or professional reasoning.