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In many cases, using a VPN service leads to a significant reduction in browsing speed, which is likely to be influenced by multiple factors such as the level of encryption, the protocol used, or even the distance from the chosen server.

The combination of these multiple factors can cause interruptions during streaming video playback or a decline in quality.

Fortunately, RingVPN is designed to minimise and eliminate these annoyances, in addition to military-grade online security.

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How is RingVPN so good ?

Our unique military-grade technology gives you a fast browsing experience no matter where you are on the planet.‎

Every week we increase the number of servers in all the countries of the world, to offer the best possible browsing experience.‎

We do not and will never store your activity and connection logs.‎

Respect for privacy is our motto. We will not be able to respond to any request from an institution because we simply do not have any records to share. To access the service, all you need is an e-mail address.‎

Protect your IP and your browsing

When connected to RingVPN, your internet traffic passes through a RingVPN remote server to replace your real IP address with that of a RingVPN server.‎

As a result, all data is sent by our servers in encrypted form, and you are no longer identifiable by your ISP or anyone else.‎

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We do not keep any records of your browsing

Beware of some publishers who claim not to keep any connection logs.

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How do we keep no trace of your browsing ?

We are based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, a paradise island in the middle of the Caribbean which is not part of the 14 Eyes Alliance that facilitates exchange, analysis and collection of private data between member states.

Your personal IP address can be easily identified by the authorities and members of this alliance, thus revealing your location, your identity and your activity, but also all of your downloads and your history.

If your IP shows your physical location, a third party can very easily locate you.

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Want to protect your identity from censorship right now?

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Turbo-speed VPN for high-velocity streaming

Through our fully optimized proprietary network, RingVPN allows maximum throughput and unlimited bandwidth while guaranteeing your privacy.

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Highest levels of encryption

As well as disguising your IP address, we completely encrypt your internet traffic through our secret tunnel. No ISP, government, third-party or malware can spy on you with RingVPN!

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Support and assistance 24/7

We believe you deserve to speak to real humans 24/7. Our tech advisors are available via e-mail and live chat around the clock, offering you bespoke support.

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