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Why should you use a VPN to protect your privacy

Why use a VPN? The main reason is to protect your traffic. In effect, using a VPN means hackers will never have access to your IP address, but to that of your VPN.
Thanks to military encryption protocols (AES 256-bit), your data never circulates unencrypted on the network, and is impenetrable: you are therefore completely anonymous on the Internet.

Different security protocols exist, but you do not need to understand all the subtleties to use a VPN.
The main protocols RingVPN offers are OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPSec, SSTP and PPTP, but our application will automatically choose the most suitable protocol for your use.

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We ensure your security

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RingVPN does not keep any logs of your activity.

We will never track or use your data or store your browsing history.‎

RingVPN is not subject to US or European jurisdictions as we are based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, a totally independent jurisdiction. As a result, we are not legally obliged to collect your personal information.‎

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Use RingVPN for totally secure browsing.

Private browsing.

A vast array of VPN providers claim that their service offers the utmost anonymity. But the truth is often biased or misleading, and they keep track of your browsing history. We are strong advocates for privacy and confidentiality on the Internet; we do not store any data from your history or save your preferences.

Pay anonymously

Use our BitPay partner and pay for your subscription to RingVPN without leaving any trace of your identity. The service is the same and you get the same benefits; the only information required is an e-mail address.

Add extra protection to your VPN service

RingVPN Kill Switch will block all incoming and outgoing traffic from your Internet connection outside the secure VPN service if our proprietary technology detects a connection failure.

What makes RingVPN different to the rest?

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Turbo-speed VPN for high-velocity streaming

Through our fully optimized proprietary network, RingVPN allows maximum throughput and unlimited bandwidth while guaranteeing your privacy.

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Highest levels of encryption

As well as disguising your IP address, we completely encrypt your internet traffic through our secret tunnel. No ISP, government, third-party or malware can spy on you with RingVPN!

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Support and assistance 24/7

We believe you deserve to speak to real humans 24/7. Our tech advisors are available via e-mail and live chat around the clock, offering you bespoke support.

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