Social Media Security

How Can a VPN Help Protect my Personal Information on Social Media Sites?

Social media has quickly become one of the most popular forms of communication around the planet. Social media also provides an avenue for malicious attackers to gather a ton of sensitive, personal information about a person if not properly secured. One method that can help protect you on the internet when browsing social media sites is utilizing a VPN service. Let's cover at a high level some reasons why you may want to use a VPN service as well as specific features that should be sought after.

Information Sharing by Third Parties

One of the biggest annoyances when using social media is advertisements. It can be just creepy when a topic you were talking about in a phone conversation suddenly starts to appear in your ads on Facebook! There are several ways to prevent this, but by having a VPN service enabled, you can obfuscate things like geo-location and disable any browser ad scrapers that would potentially sell your information to third parties for advertisement purposes.

Sensitive Data Leaks

By using a VPN service, you are hiding specific details about your physical location on sites like Twitter from attackers that may use this information to locate supporting details around your lifestyle. By limiting the amount of sensitive identifying information you put out there, you potentially limit your exposure in the case a company that holds your stolen data is ever breached.


One that most people may relate to is Cyber-stalking. Social media provides people with a lot of information around your personal life without you even knowing it. Things like location, stores visited, and even applications used on your phone can be available publically.

ID theft

Lastly, Identity theft is probably one of the most terrifying acts of personal invasion to imagine (and it is very illegal). By using a VPN service, you overall will limit your total data exposure to the internet and any social media sites that you may visit. Take the additional step now to prevent ID theft as it is challenging to correct once compromised.

In order to sufficiently protect yourself on social media sites, there are specific VPN features you will want to look for to ensure overall protection.

-256-bit encryption to secure all communications to social media sites, thus avoiding any man in the middle attacks or packet capture scenarios.

-Live customer support allows for quick remediation of service if for some reason is ever is to go down.

-Multiple licenses to ensure coverage across all devices to protect the entire family.

-Multiple routing options through several different servers to ensure anonymity.

-Internet killswitch whenever VPN is disconnected.

-Zero log retention policy to protect your internet history even from your VPN provider.

-DNS protection against data leaks.

-Geo-location toggle for global options.

You want a piece of mind that your internet traffic is secured and obfuscated from wandering eyes when using social media. If you are serious about protecting your personal information, Give RingVPN a call today and ask how we can help you secure your internet activity on social media.